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Join us and the entrance of Chartroom Food & Spirits in Racine WI.

River's End Restaurants Our Story

The Kaiser family purchased the property in 2023, the second owner of this land! The Pugh family owned the property since 1849, just a year after Wisconsin became a state. The family had a very successful wood & coal, and fuel & oil businesses for more than a century before they expanded. The restaurant area was previously used as a loading dock for breakwater stones.

The restaurant was then built and opened in 1979 by the Pugh Family as they diversified their businesses on the property. The Chartroom quickly became a favorite and well-known restaurant in the city of Racine, WI with a prime location on the river.

Ken Kaiser and his wife Sheryl joined the Racine community by docking their boat, to the Racine Marina when it opened in 1988.  Chartroom quickly became their favorite go to place on a weekly basis while they were up here in the summers, with their son Dan.

After several years of watching the restaurant properties sit vacant, they knew the Pugh's were at a place to sell. So with much consideration and careful planning, the Kaiser family made their offer to become the second family to own the 11 acres of land. This is significant, as the Pugh's had many other offers over the years. The Kaiser family's plan to utilize it in the way the Pugh family would like, as it is most beneficial for the city, is what helped them seal the deal. The historical significance to this property is insurmountable.

Restaurants at the Rivers Edge in Racine WI. Drinks served by owner Ken Kaiser.
Breaded chicken pressure fried to a golden brown served with coleslaw fries and a roll. Brought to you by Chartroom Food & Spirits in Racine WI.

We have brought back an exquisite Fish Fry, and the famous "Chartroom Chicken," with an atmosphere for all to enjoy! Our beautiful view of the Root River will add to your fond memories if you are a visitor to Racine. We have courtesy docks and a floating dinghy dock available for you to pull your boat up to, and come in and enjoy your drinks and meal with us. Perfect for all boaters! The atmosphere, service, and amazing scenery creates a huge draw to the downtown Racine area and we are blessed to have this beautiful scenery!

Thank you to all who have supported us, encouraged us, patiently awaited with us, through the longer than expected construction journey, to open our doors and make this place a success. We truly believe you will see that we did things the right way, to be able to give you the best experience possible when you visit!

We are truly honored to bring the Chartroom Restaurant back to Racine, and we look forward to having you Dine, Wine, and Unwind with us!

The Marina at Sunset at the Rivers End Restaurants in Racine, WI.

River's End Restaurants Marina

Boat parking available! River's End Restaurants offers a beautiful marina for boat parking on the river, click below for more information.

River's End Restaurants Merchandise

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